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hi there!

I'm Meredith

I’m a teacher, copywriter, mom, wife, procrastinator, overthinker…and am both my own worst critic and biggest cheerleader.

I’m someone who’s always struggled a bit finding people (especially women) to fit in with. I’m sarcastic, straightforward, not afraid to say “no”, can’t stand drama, and curse a lot when I’m angry. 

But when I started my email copywriting business I discovered I was NOT alone!

I found a whole world of women just like me, and I began writing for them! 

(Why do I prefer to work with women? Because I’ve been mansplained to and told to “smile more” too many times. Nope. Hard pass.)

I truly believe women should be running the world. 

And if I can help other women build their businesses and wealth with my writing and perception skills?

You bet your ass that’s what I’m gonna do.

I’m on a mission to help women business owners like you earn more money through email marketing…because we damn well deserve it!  

a bit about me...

When I’m not teaching or writing emails, you’re most likely to find me sitting on the couch with a bourbon cocktail, watching TV with my husband and our dog.

(Oh…and our 3 teenage kids who will grace us with their presence every so often – especially when they’re hungry.)

I also like to travel, try out new recipes, and I spend WAAAYY too much time on pinterest and instagram.

(me with my MUCH taller daughter)