52 Weeks of Email Ideas (for teacher sellers)


An entire YEAR’S worth of email ideas to send your list! These 52 email ideas, written specifically for teacher authors, are sure to lead to consistent sales throughout the year!



What if you never had to wonder what to send to your email list…

For an entire YEAR??

Here are 52 weeks of fabulous email ideas, formulated especially for teacher sellers!

Each month has 4 email ideas that are specific to what might be going on in the life of your subscribers during that month. (For example: holidays, testing season, summer break, TPT sales, etc.)

And for you math-minded people, that leaves 4 extra emails that could be used for ANY time of the year!

Imagine sitting down to write an email, knowing you already have the entire year planned out for you! Also, these 52 email ideas are gonna allow you to make easy sales, but without sounding “salesy”.