Non-Salesy Welcome Sequence for Teachers


This complete, 4-email welcome sequence is designed to give your subscribers a red-carpet welcome AND create sales (but without coming across as “salesy”).



This welcome sequence consists of 4 complete email templates, each designed to take your subscribers through a specific step of the “buyer’s journey”, where they get to know, like, and trust you…and then buy from you!

Each email is written with a different step of the buyer’s journey in mind:

   Email 1 – Welcome and Build Excitement!

   Email 2 – Introducing yourself

   Email 3 – Firing up the “know, like, trust” factor

   Email 4 – Gain credibility and make sales!

These email templates are complete with subject lines, preview text suggestions, tips on how to make your emails really stand out from the crowd, and plenty of room to customize with your own words.

Just imagine: every single new subscriber leading to a sale, and it all happens on autopilot.

Seriously…you can’t afford NOT to have a welcome sequence like this!