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Let’s take your email marketing from
“ughhh” to “aahhh”

Think we might be a good fit for each other?

Let’s find out…

Listen, I don’t just work with anybody who comes along. (And neither should you!) It’s got to be the right fit. 

But I LOOOOVE writing for people who:

  • Are kind to other humans
  • Believe people have the right to be who they’re meant to be
  • See things in a different way than most people
  • Aren’t afraid to try new things
  • Have a true passion for their work

If that sounds like you…you’re my kind of gal!

Keep scrolling to find out how we can work together!

let me lay it all out for you

email private tutoring

Ever wish you could just have a private instructor in your pocket to help clear up everything about email? I’m here for it! Simply answer a few questions about your current email marketing, then I’ll work with you to create an email marketing strategy that works for YOU, your BUSINESS, and your AUDIENCE!

how it works:

  • I’ll send you my planning session questionnaire, so I can show up to our session with a working idea of your business.
  • You and I meet on zoom for 60 minutes, talking all about your email marketing desires and needs.
  • You walk away with clarity and confidence, knowing exactly what steps to take in your email marketing so you can start to show up consistently for your subscribers (which leads to consistent income)!

put sales on auto-pilot!

custom email sequence

Need a sequence of emails that brings in sales automatically? I’ll write the words that will have your subscribers buying over and over, without any extra effort on your part!

how it works:

  • We schedule a 30-minute zoom meeting to discuss your sequence needs/plan (I don’t do brand forms, so there’s nothing for you to fill out!)
  • I dig deep into your business, content, & ideal customer needs, and send you a market research analysis to ensure I’ve nailed your voice and your customers.
  • In just a couple of weeks, you get 4-6 custom emails written specifically for your audience, taking them from lookers to buyers! , 

get your emails written for you!

weekly emails

Don’t have time to write your own emails anymore? Rather have a root canal than write another email?
Wouldn’t it be great to open your computer and see your emails had already been written FOR you?

Say less. 

how it works:

  • We meet via zoom for an initial “get to know ya” session (at no cost to you).
  • If we end up having a biz-crush on each other, we’ll schedule our first monthly planning session!
  • Each week you’ll get a google doc with an email written specifically for your audience and business goals. All you gotta do is copy/paste!
  • We’ll continue to have monthly planning sessions as long as we keep working together!
  • Optional: I’ll track the performance of your emails to help inform future email decisions.

let's plan together!

monthly planning sessions

Don’t mind writing your own emails, but need some help figuring out wtf to SAY?? This option is perfect for you! 

how it works:

  • I’ll send you my planning session questionnaire, so I can show up to our first session with a working idea of your business.
  • You and I meet on zoom for 45 minutes every month, devising a perfect strategy for your emails that month.
  • I’ll send you a google doc with an outline of everything we discussed, broken down into what each email should focus on, how each one should flow, and some subject line suggestions for each one.

Tired of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated over email marketing,

no matter how many people you go to for help??

Download the last email marketing strategy you’ll ever need.

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